“How long do i have to wait before driving when i smoke versus when i eat a brownie?”

When it comes to consuming different forms of cannabis, there is not one specific timeline that is recommended before you would be able to drive. This is largely because every adult reacts differently to various consumption methods, based on their personal body chemistry. Additionally, each product may have different quantities of cannabinoids (particularly THC).

Generally, it is recommended that you never drive if you feel high in any way. Further responsible consumption tips can be found on our Good Judgment page, as well as within the Consumption Basics provided in this Government of Canada handout.

From specifically a legal perspective, the Government of Canada has set laws that limit the amount of THC that can be present in your bloodstream when driving - these are limits stated in nanogram per mL of blood. However, there is no particular timeline given that must explicitly be followed, between consumption and driving a vehicle. To see more specifics on THC limits and information around the impaired driving laws, you can start by visiting the following FAQs page on the Government of Canada site.