Good To Know.

Adult-use cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, and legalization came with a lot of new rules, regulations and misinformation. So, this site is here to help you navigate some of the most important things to know. 

Cannabis NB and approved private retail partners are the only legal retailers to sell cannabis products in New Brunswick that are tested, regulated and safe.  

Illegal cannabis sellers can pretty much say anything about, and put anything in, the products they sell because NOBODY is checking. Contaminants? Hair? Inaccurate THC levels? Poop? (Yep, poop) You really can’t know what’s in your cannabis unless you are buying it legally.  

Don’t believe us? Read it for yourself. This research was done by a certified lab on cannabis purchased in illegal stores right here in New Brunswick.

You may have questions about product, regulations, locations and more, and you've come to the right place, ask us anything.