Privacy Policy

Cannabis NB (CNB) has a legal duty to protect your personal information, in compliance with the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA), the Cannabis Management Corporation Act, and other applicable legislation. This privacy statement summarizes the privacy practices for CNB’s online activities and how CNB protects the privacy of its customers and visitors to this website.

You have choices about how you interact with CNB. By using this website and our online services, you acknowledge that you have read and accept this Privacy Statement and the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not wish to provide the personal information required, you should discontinue your use of this website.

Personal Information We Collect

Personal information means recorded information about an identifiable individual such as your name, home address, date of birth, home email address, credit card information, home telephone number, purchase habits or history, personal image, and other information that identifies you, as defined in RTIPPA. General information such as the type of web browser version used when you visit our website and aggregated statistical information regarding visit traffic on certain areas of the site, is not considered to be personal information.

CNB only collects personal information about you if it relates directly to and is necessary to operate a service, program or activity of CNB, or if a law specifically authorizes or requires us to collect it.

When we collect personal information from you, we will provide you with a notice that explains our legal authority to collect your personal information, the purpose for which the information is being collected, and who to contact with questions. The personal information we collect from you is described in this section of the privacy statement.

Purchasing Cannabis Products Online

When you visit our website, you must confirm that you are 19 years of age and therefore legally allowed to purchase cannabis products.

We collect personal information, including your name, email address, phone number, billing address, delivery address and payment information when you make a purchase online, for the purpose of processing, fulfilling and delivering your order.

Your name, the credit card information and billing address you provide is processed by Moneris, a PCI compliant payment processing service provider, on behalf of CNB. Your credit card information is never stored by CNB.

For information regarding how credit card companies protect your information, please refer to their respective card holder policies and privacy policies.

Upon delivery, you, or another individual 19 years of age or older accepting the order on your behalf, may be required to provide a valid government-issued photo identification document (as proof of age), and provide a name and signature to confirm delivery.

Purchasing Cannabis Products at a CNB Retail Store

Before attempting to purchase cannabis products, you are required to show a valid government-issued photo identification document to verify that you are of legal age to enter and make purchases in a CNB retail store. This information is never copied or recorded by CNB.

You may choose to provide us with your personal information for the following purposes:

  • If you want us to look up your online account to assist you with your purchase or if you would like to link your retail purchase to your online account, you will need to provide your email address on file. 
  • If you choose to have your purchase or sales return receipt emailed to you, you will need to provide your email address. 

Product returns/refunds

All customers returning cannabis or cannabis accessories must provide the original receipt, name and email address to the CNB Customer Experience Representative. We collect your name and email address for returns to accurately link them to your account. Your valid government-issued photo identification will be requested (but not recorded) to confirm the information you provided.

Use of Video Surveillance

We operate video surveillance cameras in CNB retail stores for the security and protection of all CNB staff, visitors and customers as well as for the prevention and detection of criminal activity. As such, while you are outside the entrances of our store or inside the store, your personal information, including your image, characteristics such as: sex, race, colour, or religion will be recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Communicating with us / Customer Service

When you contact our customer support centre, your call may be recorded or monitored for quality improvement and training purposes.

If you choose to submit an inquiry online using the ‘contact us’ form, we will use the personal information you provide to contact you and respond to your inquiry.

Applying for a Job

Your personal information, such as your name, email address, and employment history is collected when you apply for a job with CNB, to identify you, contact you, and process your application.

Should you choose to use a social media account (such as LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook) to sign in to the Cannabis NB Career Centre, your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of that social media site and their interfaces may allow that site to connect your site visit to your personally identifiable information. Please note that CNB and our service providers only collect personal information from you when you enter it on the ADP Career Centre Site; we do not view or access your public profile or any personal information in your social media account when you sign in using your social media account.

If you’ve reached the final job application stage, we will disclose limited personal information to a third party to complete criminal background screening to determine your suitability for employment with CNB. You will be asked to agree in writing to this disclosure of your personal information, as a pre-condition to employment with CNB.

How We Use and Disclose Your Personal Information

We will only use or disclose your personal information for the same purpose or purposes for which we collected it, or for a consistent purpose, unless RTIPPA or another law specifically authorizes the use or disclosure of your personal information for a different purpose, or unless we obtain your express consent to use or disclose your personal information for another purpose that we have identified to you.

We may be required by law to disclose your personal information for example:

  • to a law enforcement agency or a court if it is required to comply with a subpoena, warrant or court order or pursuant to a production order- to a law enforcement agency or a court if it is required to comply with a subpoena, warrant or court order or pursuant to a production order
  • for other purposes required or permitted by law, such as to the Federal Minister of Health as required by the Cannabis Act, or to the Provincial Minister of Health for research, public health surveillance and policy development, as permitted by the Cannabis Management Corporation Act.  

In all cases, we use and disclose only the minimum amount of personal information for the legally permitted or required purpose. We will never sell or rent your personal information and we do not disclose personal information to any cannabis licensed producers.

Your Privacy and the Internet

Personal information, such as your name, phone number or email address, is not automatically gathered from you when visiting our website. CNB only collects this type of information if you supply it to us voluntarily.

The information we gather from you automatically is described in this part of our privacy statement.


Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser. This website uses ‘session cookies’, which help you navigate between pages efficiently and generally improve your browsing experience. Session cookies disappear at the end of your session. This website also uses ‘persistent cookies’ which are stored on your computer’s hard drive for some length of time – they identify unique users across browsing sessions (i.e. when you close and re-open your browser), but are only used for website analytics, as described below.

Cookies do not allow us to identify individuals. You may adjust your browser settings to reject cookies, if you choose. Some browsers can be set to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when you receive cookies. If you choose to modify your browser, some pages of the Website may not function properly.

Web Server Logs

When you access the website, our servers collect certain information about your internet connection and your browsing experience in their logs. This includes the IP address of your internet connection and information about what you access on the website. IP addresses are unique numbers assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to all devices used to access the Internet. The IP address, on its own, does not identify an individual. However, in certain circumstances, such as with the co-operation of an ISP for example, it could be used to identify an individual using the site. In this context, it could be considered personal information, particularly when combined with other data automatically collected when a visitor requests a webpage such as the page or pages visited, date and time of the visit.

We use this information only to manage our websites. We do not attempt to use this information to identify individuals visiting the website, unless we detect an attempt to damage or violate the site, or if a law enforcement investigation requires it. We protect and restrict access to this information.

Website Analytics

CNB uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc. to help us understand visitor activity in order to improve our website. The Google Analytics service uses cookies to generate statistical information about visits to our website. This information is sent to Google in the United States from your computer when you visit certain CNB web pages. Google collects this information on behalf of CNB and compiles statistical reports for our use. CNB uses this non-personal data to determine opportunities for improvement (for example, understanding webpages visited provides CNB with valuable information for improving the content and functionality on certain pages). The use of Google Analytics does not allow CNB to identify specific individuals.

The information sent to Google includes:

  • the originating Internet Protocol (IP) Address, which is anonymized by Google once collected;
  • the originating Internet Protocol (IP) Address, which is anonymized by Google once collected;
  • the country, province and city associated with the IP Address;
  • the date and time of the request;
  • the type of browser and device used;
  • the page(s) visited; and
  • websites that referred you to the digital service

You can opt-out of Google Analytics activity if you choose by setting your browser to notify you when a Cookie is sent, and block analytics Cookies.

For more information on Google’s privacy policy, refer to the Google Analytics Privacy Overview.

Links to other Websites

This website may include links to websites operated by other public and/or private sector organizations. CNB is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these external websites.

Third Parties Acting on Our Behalf

CNB uses certain third parties to provide services on our behalf (e.g., credit card processing, order fulfillment, delivery, recruiting, background screening, customer service support, etc.). These service providers may have access to your personal information to the extent that it is needed to provide the services on CNB’s behalf. Each of our service providers must contractually agree to comply with the CNB’s privacy and security standards, to perform services for the CNB.

Protection of Personal Information

CNB is obligated by law to protect your personal information by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, use, disclosure or disposal. We protect the confidentiality, security and integrity your personal information using a combination of administrative, physical and technical safeguards that are appropriate given the nature of the information collected and handled by and on behalf of CNB. Any PI you provide to CNB will be securely stored and transported and only accessed by those employees or agents who need to know the information to fulfill their duties.

Inquiring About These Practices

For questions about this Privacy Statement, or to inquire about how your personal information is handled by CNB, you may contact: Director of Strategic Compliance, New Brunswick Liquor Corporation, at 506.452.6826.

Changes to this Statement

Changes to this Privacy Statement may occur if we make corresponding changes to our management of this website, to the services we offer, to the personal information we collect, or to our practices for handling your personal information. A record of significant changes will be maintained and made accessible through the link below.

There are currently no archived versions.