Doing your homework is a good thing.

It’s on each of us to use cannabis responsibly. You have to know the law, and you have to know your limits too. As an adult, you can enjoy cannabis and be responsible.

Keep cannabis away from youth.

It’s against the law for those under 19 to use, buy or have cannabis for recreational purposes. If you’re 19+ and have cannabis at home, it’s your personal responsibility to keep it in a safe place, away from minors (and pets too). This includes edibles, beverages, and all new cannabis product types.

Know your limits.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. And, some of the available product formats can be highly potent, with some containing significant amounts of THC. The onset of effects may vary, with some being almost immediate. A good rule of thumb: start low and go slow. In a Cannabis NB store, our Guides can help with questions like: “How are methods of consumption different?” and “What do the different THC and CBD levels mean?”

Cannabis and alcohol don’t mix.

Cannabis and alcohol don’t mix. Period. There are significant impairment and health risks.

THC levels.

When you are welcomed into a Cannabis NB store, or shopping with an approved legal private retailer you’ll see THC notifications on any product that contains tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s the psychoactive component of cannabis – responsible for your feeling high. The amount of THC can vary significantly between the new types of legal cannabis products. Be sure and start with a lower level of THC, particularly for a product you are not familiar with yet.

Ways to consume.

Some of the more common ways to consume cannabis, include: smokingThis is commonly what many people first associate with cannabis culture. Smoking is defined as heating the dried flower – be it in a pipe, bong, or joint – to the point of combustion. Smoking usually provides a quick onset of effects that peak within 30 minutes and start to diminish after 1-3 hours. Keep in mind that there are negative effects of smoking any substance, including cannabis, and we suggest you consult a medical professional if you are concerned about the impacts., vapingFor those looking for a smokeless way of heating cannabis concentrates or dried flower, using a portable or table-top vaporizer is a great alternative. Vaping preserves the product’s flavours more than smoking, and allows the consumer to adjust the temperature depending on the occasion or setting. It typically provides a quick onset that peaks within 30 minutes and diminishes after 1-3 hours., ingesting (edibles/beverages)With the legal introduction of a whole new set of products, cannabis infused drinks, candies, chocolates, gummies, and drink mixes will be on shelves as early as December 2019. The onset of these can vary, being as quick as 5 minutes for some of the newly formulated products. We recommend starting low and going slow with edibles and beverages., applying (topicals)Topicals are the lotions, creams and other products infused with cannabis that are applied to the skin. Effects are typically felt within 15 minutes to 2 hours and can last up to 12 hours. Some can be higher in CBD, as they are often used for therapeutic purposes. and dabbingA newer method of consumption that continues to evolve, dabbing is heating a small amount of concentrate on a nail that is heated with a torch or an e-nail to the desired temperature. Dabbing between 350°-450°F (low-temp dabbing) results in flavourful, smooth rips that are easier on your lungs than dabbing at higher temps. Dabbing usually provides an immediate onset of effects that begins diminishing after 1-3 hours.. Which one you prefer depends on a variety of factors including personal preference, your setting, your occasion, desired effects and more. For more info, Health Canada has provided some resources on their site, for cannabis in general.