“What kinds of new products will I see in Cannabis NB stores?”

Here are some of the new product types that you can expect to see in Cannabis NB stores, once they become available:

  • Edibles: a range of infused gummies, tablets, soft chews, candies and chocolates
  • Beverages: pre-packaged ready-to-drink infused beverages of various flavours (including flavoured water), ready-to-mix infused liquids, as well as “just add water” products such as powders and tea
  • Vape pens: inhalable cannabis concentrates will be available in ready-to-use vape pens, as will standalone vape pods and associated batteries
  • Topicals: lotions, creams, and potentially bath products
  • Additional concentrates: hash, kief, shatter, live resin, wax

While the products listed above will not all be available in December 2019, over the coming months greater variety and product types are expected to reach Cannabis NB shelves.