“How fast could I feel the effects of the new edibles or beverages?”

Typically, ingestible forms of cannabis such as edibles and beverages would take somewhere around 30 minutes before effects would likely begin. However, several new products coming from Canadian Licensed Producers are stated to have shrunk the onset time to feel effects to far less than 30 minutes. Some claim that effects can be felt from their edibles or beverages within 5 minutes or less.

Given how quickly onset time can be for some of these new ingestible products, we recommend going “low and slow”. That is, start with only a smaller piece or drink – typically an amount that would not have more than 2.5mg of THC. And, take it slow by allowing yourself to feel the effects before considering consuming more. If you have questions about particular products in-store, our Guides can help with additional information on what may best fit your situation.

Be sure to be aware and comfortable with how your body is reacting to these new products, before consuming larger quantities of them within a session.